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Fore the Kids

Thank you for joining us in the Fore the Kids Golf Outing!

The Archdiocese of Chicago would like to recognize some of those who stepped up to serve on the front lines of the COVID-19 Crisis. As a small gesture of thanks to our priests who volunteered to minister to COVID-19 positive patients as well as health care workers at Chicagoland Catholic hospitals, the 2020 “Fore The Kids” Golf Outing has been restructured to honor these everyday heroes with a free day of golf.

Please consider supporting this event with a donation benefiting emergency tuition assistance and academic innovation at Chicago area Catholic schools.

Rev. Michael Trail, Rev. Dominick Clemente, Rev. Francis Bitterman and Rev. Matt O’Donnell (Photo by Jean Lachat)
Hank Lyon, Rev. Przemyslaw Tomczyk and Rev. Michael Meany (Photo by Jean Lachat)
Paul Anderson, Rev. David Simonetti, Frank Schilling and Ted Borgrenn (Photo by Jean Lachat)
Nathan Jochimsen, Shane Print, Rogelio Lopez and Bill Maloney (Photo by Jean Lachat)
Michael Forkan, William Lindsey, Anthony Rozic and Patrick Lynch (Photo by Jean Lachat)
Rev. Martin Luboyera, Rev. Michael Olson, Deacon Greg Vogt and Jim Lobus (Photo by Jean Lachat)
Rev. Derek Ho, Robert Regan, Rev. Christopher Gustafson and Rev. Michael Ward (Photo by Jean Lachat)
Anthony Holter, Clare Sullivan, Rev. John Trout and Rev. Simon Braganza (Photo by Jean Lachat)
Joe Mancuso, Rev. Hal Budach, Rev. Brendan Guilfoil and Rev. Michael Nacias (Photo by Jean Lachat)
Msgr. Patrick Pollard, Rev. Jim Donovan, Bill Waddel and Rev. Kevin Birmingham (Photo by Jean Lachat)
(Photo by Jean Lachat)
(Photo by Jean Lachat)
Rev. Michael Trail offers a prayer before everyone tees off. (Photo by Jean Lachat)
(Photo by Jean Lachat)
(Photo by Jean Lachat)