Annual Catholic Appeal

2021 Gift Impact

The table and the pie chart below show how your Annual Catholic Appeal funds were used in 2021 to support these many initiatives and programs.

2021 Annual Catholic Appeal

$ 3,405,927 Financially Challenged
Parishes and Schools
Support for parishes and schools serving financially challenged communities
$ 3,833,465 Parish Rebates/
Funds raised in excess of individual parish goals are returned to the parish for use with their local ministries
$ 1,513,841 Evangelization Efforts Spiritual renewal efforts at parishes
$ 854,985 Priest Development Continuing education and development for seminarians and priests ordained for the Archdiocese of Chicago
$ 749,255 Scholarships for Catholic
School Families
Tuition assistance for Catholic school families in need
$ 859,180 Parish Life and Divine
Enhancements for liturgy and sacred music at parishes
$ 606,833 Young Adult Faith
Support for youth, young adult, and campus religious education ministries
$ 559,018 Family Ministries Programs to strengthen and support family faith formation
$ 288,954 Human Dignity and
Activities promoting respect for life at all stages, immigration, Kolbe House prison ministry and Peace and Justice initiatives
$ 545,000 Catholic Relief Services Assisting the poor and vulnerable overseas
$ 13,216,458 PROGRAMS TOTAL  
$ 1,078,172 Cost of Appeal Design, printing, postage, production, staff and vendors who implement the Annual Catholic Appeal
$ 14,294,630 TOTAL APPEAL  


This chart shows how your Annual Catholic Appeal funds were used in 2021 to support these many initiatives and programs.



The Annual Catholic Appeal supports the work of the Church in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

No money donated to the Annual Catholic Appeal has been, or will be, used to defray expenses related to misconduct issues.