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Ed Philipp, Assumption Church

Assumption Church, located at 323 W. Illinois St. in Chicago, was founded in 1881 to develop a community for Italian immigrants who had settled in the city. Assumption is a historic gathering place for many across the city and now serves a diverse community of neighborhood residents, parishioners who work in the city, historic parishioners and tourists who have come to visit and worship in the church. Since the parish’s establishment, Assumption has been staffed by the Order of Friar Servants of Mary, a religious community founded in Italy in the thirteenth century.

The large stained-glass window above the altar represents the assumption of Mary, tying into the name of the parish. It is patterned after a number of famous paintings including El Greco’s, The Assumption of the Virgin, which is part of the collection at The Art Institute of Chicago.

Ed Phillipp has been a parishioner at Assumption for seven years and recently became involved in the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign. Please read below for more about his time as a parishioner at Assumption and experience being a donor of the campaign.

Can you please reflect on your time as a parishioner at Assumption parish? Assumption is the cornerstone of my spiritual and faith life. When I attend mass at Assumption, I am reminded of the reverence of our Creator and this thought allows me to ask myself: where is God in my life and in my actions?

Why did you choose to get involved with Assumption parish’s TTWCI campaign? First, and foremost to support our pastor, Father Joseph Champlain/Servites, in his mission to provide a spiritual center in the community for my neighbors who come to seek the Lord. My gift is an expression of gratitude to everyone who has taught me to be generous.

What elements of your parish or the archdiocese TTWCI case statement spoke to you? Assumption Parish needed capital funding to make necessary improvements to restore their stain glass windows and accommodate disabled and elderly parishioners. Capital improvements ensure the parish will be able to continue its 140-year-old mission of serving the needs of the community well into the future. The beauty and design of Assumption serves to inspire those who visit and remind them of their relationship with God.