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Below are several stewardship resources for visitors to use as reference, or to learn more about what stewardship entails.

Stewardship Assessment

  • New What Does a Stewardship Parish Look Like (PDF)
  • Parish Census Survey (PDF)

Stewardship: theology/scripture

  • The Theology of Stewardship (PDF)
  • Church Teachings on Stewardship (PDF)
  • A Week’s Reflection on Stewardship (PDF)
  • Scriptural Texts Relating to Stewardship (PDF)
  • Stewardship Prayers (PDF)


  • The Role of the Pastor in Fostering Stewardship (PDF)
  • Stewardship Committee Responsibilities (PDF)

The Ministry Fair

  • Ministry Catalogue (PDF)
  • Sample Ministry Catalogue (PDF)
  • Sample Ministry Opportunity Description (PDF)
  • Holding a Ministry Fair (PDF)


  • Stewardship Reporting Options (PDF)
  • Stewardship Quarterly Reports (PDF)
  • Sample Parish Stewardship Report (PDF)


  • Bulletin Announcements (PDF)
  • Suggested Bulletin Announcements for Two Years (PDF)