To Teach Who Christ Is

A Historic Campaign

The Archdiocese of Chicago’s historic capital and endowment fundraising campaign, To Teach Who Christ Is, raised more than $420 million in gifts and pledges from over 77,000 donors. The campaign is currently in the fulfillment stage.

The primary goal of the campaign was ensuring parishes in the Archdiocese are strong and vibrant communities of faith. Every parish in the Archdioceses participated in the campaign. Parishes retained 60 percent of all funds they raised for local needs and shared the remaining 40 percent with other parishes and ministries throughout the archdiocese.

Through this model, parishes were able to respond to their own issues while joining together as an archdiocese to strengthen the work of the Church in neighborhoods throughout Lake and Cook counties.

The key priorities of the campaign were:

  • $150 million for parish needs
  • $150 million for scholarships to Catholic schools
  • $30 million for critical facility issues
  • $10 million for religious education training for catechists
  • $8 million to enhance the academic excellence of Catholic schools
  • $2 million for innovative new religious education programs