Special Initiatives

School Gratitude Fund

This year has been unprecedented for Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago.  

Since the closures mandated by government officials during the last academic year, the Archdiocese of Chicago’s management team, the Office for Catholic Schools, and thousands of teachers, principals, and administrators have come together to provide excellent, safe, in-person and hybrid instruction. 

As effective as our approach has been, it has put an enormous strain on our already overburdened school teachers, staff members, and leaders, who have risen to the challenge and created an environment that is both safe and responsive to overwhelming parental desires to send their children to in-person instruction (or, to provide accommodation for those who prefer virtual learning). Our 4,000 teachers, staff members, and school leaders have performed beyond expectations. They are courageous heroes who deserve our consideration, respect, and thanks.

Catholic school staff have risen to every challenge: teaching with difficult restrictions, adapting their instructional models to support hybrid learning, and even performing additional janitorial tasks to make sure our children have a safe environment. We hope you can rise to the call to support them for all they do.

Please show your support for Catholic school educators with a gift to the Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic School Gratitude Fund. Gifts to this fund will benefit all teachers, staff and principals across the archdiocese. Make a gift online via this link or by calling 312.534.7959.

Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic School Gratitude Fund