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Support the Broadcast Ministry

The Archdiocese of Chicago's broadcast ministry, Sunday Mass from Holy Name Cathedral, serves countless people who cannot attend Mass in person due to various circumstances. With your support, we hope to continue this critical ministry that enables people to connect to their faith community from home.

Our Broadcast Ministry offers viewers the following:

Accessibility: Many individuals, including the elderly, the sick, and those with mobility challenges, cannot attend Mass in person. By funding our televised Mass program, you can help ensure everyone has access to spiritual resources, regardless of their circumstances.

Connection: In today's world, feeling disconnected from our faith community is easy. Our broadcast ministry Mass program provides viewers a sense of connection and unity.

Inspiration: televised Mass also serves as a source of inspiration and comfort. Through uplifting homilies, beautiful music, and heartfelt prayers, we inspire our viewers, helping them find strength and solace in their faith.

Outreach: By expanding our broadcast ministry, we can reach new audiences and spread God's love to even more people. Your support enables us to reach a wider audience, including those searching for meaning and guidance in their lives.

With your generous support, we can continue to spread the light of Christ. Together, let's bring the joy of the Gospel to those who need it most. 

Support the Broadcast Ministry

Thank you for your support!